ELTC Teams

Summer and Winter Leagues

We are always looking to welcome new players to our league teams. Please contact the  team selectors (details below) for more information.

Our Womens and Mens I teams, who both won promotion in the 2023 Summer Doubles, League are playing in Division 2 for 2024.

Our Womens II team won their 2023 Winter Doubles league and the Womens I team came second in their league. The Mens II team also came second in their Winter League and the Mens I team maintained their position in the Div 1 league, having been promoted the previous year.

At Enderby Tennis Club there are 15 senior teams involved in summer or winter leagues.

The 2024 County Summer Doubles league fixtures for the men's and women's teams will be played from the end of April 2024. League positions and results are available from here, - this will take you to the Enderby Lawn Tennis Club section of the LTA Leicestershire County Summer Doubles Leagues site. If you want to watch the matches a list is available here. - select "All Matches" for a full listing. The schedule of play is also available on our Facebook post date 09.04.2024.

 Keep up to date on all match results, league positions and revised fixtures here - select "All Matches" for a full listing

The 2024 Vets (over 40s) matches will be played from May to August 2024, the schedule of matches, results and league standings will be available from here.

The 2024 Supervets (over 60s) results, played from March to April 2024, are available from here.

County League Summer and Winter Teams

  • 2 Women's Summer Teams - Group 2 & 5
  • 2 Women's Winter Teams - Group 3 & 4 ((A or B league to be confirmed)
  • 2 Men's Summer Teams - Group 2 & 5A 
  • 2 Men's Winter Teams - Group 1A & 3B 
  • 2 Mixed Summer Teams - Group 3A and 5B


  • 2 Women's Vets Team (over 40's) - Group 5 and 6
  • 2 Men's Vets Team (over 40's) - Group 5 and 6


  • 1 Men's Supervets Team (over 60's) - see Steve Ince Tel. 0116 286 2675 Email. ince.stephen16@gmail.com


Men's Selector  Matt Stevenson Tel. 07716 362 658 Email. twird2002@yahoo.co.uk

Women's Selector  Lynne Meredith  Email. meredlynne@googlemail.com


  • Match fees of £3 are payable for both Home and Away Matches, Fees are collected at the end of the Summer and Winter seasons based on the number of matches played. Students and people in receipt of income support are chared £1.50 per match.
  • Each summer & mixed team consists of 6 players (3 pairs) and each pair plays 3 sets, 1 against each pair from the opposition. Each set is to 8 games with a 7 point tie-break at 7-7.
  • The winter and Vet's team consists of 4 players (2 pairs) and each pair plays 4 sets (each to 6 games), 2 sets against each pair. 
  • New balls are provided by the club for each match.
  • If bad weather is likely to prevent play then the captains should liaise with the players and decide whether to re-arrange.
  • Matches are a great way to meet new people, play competitive tennis and most importantly have fun and enjoy yourself. 
  • Teams get 1 point for each set won and 2 bonus points for winning a match. In Vets and SuperVets it is possible to draw 4-4 in which case the bonus points are shared 1 each.