2014 Club Championships

Once again it was time for the Finals of the Enderby Lawn Tennis Club competitions. After a prolonged spell of fine weather we were again greeted by a fine sunny day - though a little cool to start. Ideal for playing though...

First on court was the Ladies Singles Final, this year contested by Sarah and our new girl Marion. It was soon evident that Marion was no beginner. Some very well crafted shots were being despatched from both wings. However, as we all know it would take more than that to get past Sarah's dogged defence.

Obviously unfazed by the amount of balls being returned Marion began to step up the pace, manoeuvring the rallies to enable her to hit winners off either wing.

Despite the best efforts of Sarah, Marion had soon won the first set, and the second set followed. 6 - 2, 6 - 2. A very good game to watch. Well fought girls.

Enderby Tennis Club men's singles final

The next match was the Men's Singles Final between young Danny and the slightly older Patrick.

Neither had contested the final before and both were eager to claim the title.

Danny began at an astonishing pace hitting winners from all over the court to race into a 4 - 0 lead. Obviously this was not going to be that simple. And so it proved. Patrick fought back to level at 5 - 5 and neither could press home the advantage, so a tie break was needed to settle it. Danny won a nail biting game to take the first set.

Into the next set and Patrick raced into the lead with Danny looking totally bewildered. But not to be out done he fought back and we were again at 5 - 5 and heading for a the inevitable tie break.

The tie breaker began cagily with first one and then the other gaining a narrow lead. But almost out of the blue Danny took the lead (for the first time in the set) to win the match. 7 - 6 (9-7), 7 - 6 (7-4), the tightest men's singles final that I have ever seen.

Well done Danny and hard luck Pat. A very good game.

The next match was the Ladies' Doubles Final this year contested by Amanda and Jan against Sarah Freer and Steph.

The game soon began to develop a pattern, with Amanda and Jan moving the ball around well while Sarah defended and Steph attacked with her spin variation. Needless to say there were some very long rallies. I'm sure I saw Jan leaning on her racquet during the rallies...

We were soon into the third sucessive tie break, which was easily won by Amanda and Jan.

Into the second set and Sarah and Steph began to dominate and the rallies shortened in their favour, so that they won the second set easily. 

This form continued into the deciding set which was a little closer. However Sarah and Steph eventually won the match. 6 - 7, 6 - 2, 6 - 4.

The next match was the mixed doubles final between Alex and Jan against Mike and Joe. Unfortunately I was not present for the game. Alex and Jan won, what appears to be a tight match 6 - 1, 4 - 6, 6 - 4. 

I hope Jan was helped off the court!

The last match, the Men's Doubles Final between Alex(C) and Alex (R) against Patrick and Mike. Again I did not see the match, but it looked a good struggle on paper. It was won by Alex(C) and Alex Reid (above) 7 - 5, 3 - 6, 6 - 1.