Enderby Teams

At Enderby Tennis Club there are 13 senior teams involved in summer or winter leagues.

The 2017 league fixtures can be found using the links provided below.

League positions and results are shown here - this will take you to the LTA Leicestershire County Doubles Leagues 2017 site.

  • 2 Ladies Summer Teams - Group 4A & 6A - see fixtures here
  • 1 Ladies Winter Teams - Group 9 - not yet released for 2017
  • 2 Men's Summer Teams - Group 5A & 6A - see fixtures here
  • 2 Men's Winter Teams - Group 5 & 6 - not yet released for 2017
  • 2 Mixed Summer Teams - Group 5A - see fixtures here
  • 1 Mixed Winter Team - Indoor League - not yet released for 2017
  • 1 Ladies Vets Team - Group 4 - see fixtures here
  • 1 Men's Vets Team (over 45) - Group 2 -see fixtures here
  • 1 Men's Super Vets Team (over 60) - see Steve Ince  

Men's Selector  Matt Stevenson Tel. 07716 362658 Email. twird2002@yahoo.co.uk

Ladies' Selector  Sarah Freer Tel. 07875545431 Email. sarahfreer2000@aol.com



  • In the summer and vets leagues (excluding the super vets) each team will play 9 matches a mixture of Home & Away. 
  • The winter and mixed leagues ony usually consist of 4-5 matches depending on how many teams there are in the division.
  • Match fees of £3 are payable for both Home and Away Matches, collected by the team captain.
  • Each summer & mixed team consists of 6 players (3 pairs) and each pair plays 3 sets, 1 against each pair from the opposition.
  • Each set is to 9 games with a 7 point tie-break at 8-8 if necessary.
  • The winter and Vet's team consists of 4 players (2 pairs) and each pair plays 4 sets, 2 against each pair. If the match ends at 4 sets all then a 10 point match tie break is played between 1 pair from each team of their choice.
  • Car pooling is organised by the captain of each team for the away matches.
  • Refreshments for home matches are organised by the home captain, it is usual to provide a tea for all the players for after the match.
  • New balls should be used and are provided by the club.
  • If bad weather is likely to prevent play then the captains should liaise with the players and make a decision to re-arrange.
  • Matches are a great way to meet new people, play competitive tennis and most importantly have fun and enjoy yourself. 
  • Good Luck